Thursday, September 01, 2005

For the Newcomers

Hello, newcomers! I want to thank you all for visiting Server Stories. Most of you came from Waiter Rant. I can't thank The Waiter enough for linking to my blog.

I think it would be nice if the newbies got an idea of what some of the good stuff on here looks like. If you veterans want to let them know what your favorite Server Stories post is, perhaps the uninitiated can get a better idea of what this blog is all about.

I'm opening the floor to voting!

I'm also opening the floor to voting for my next post. I do this from time to time to encourage reader participation. Your choices this week are...

Soldato's Last Stand

A Night out with The Deaf Server

The Most Interesting Server Ever (new character)

The Penguin (new character)

Hillbilly Night

Anyone can vote for the new post. Let me know what you want to hear. I'll close the voting when one story has 15 votes or on friday at midnight (which, coincidentally, is my birthday). I'll try to get a story out by Saturday evening.

Another year older,

The Server


Dan said...

I vote for Soldato's last stand. His antics when he was host made me laugh lots.

Sbyllek said...

A night out with the deaf server.
And Happy Birthday a little early! :)

becky said...

OK I think I have to vote for the most interesting server ever. Aren't you going to be a little hungover after your birthday? Of course we know you are multi-talented, so have a drink for me.
Have a Happy Birthday.

cassafrass said...

Happy Birthday!!! How many candles this year? :)

I vote for Soldato's last stand, The Penguin, or Hillbilly Night. All three perk my interests.

As for favorite entries... I really liked the 2 parts "Valerie gets canned". But then again, I love reading longer entries / stories. I feel like I'm more a part of them. :)

Anonymous said...

Im new to this site so I say....Just keep on entertaining us with your stories!

Anonymous said...

My vote goes for Hillbilly Night. I can only imagine' where this story goes.

sourcedoc said...

A Night out with The Deaf Server

J Epstein said...


get my votes.

Server Stories rocks! Read 'em all, newbies!


ravyn23259 said...

Soldato's last stand and hillbilly night...but eventually you're going to tell us all of them right? hmm?

happy birthday!

Nattie said...

Hii! Like many others, I discovered your blog because of waiterrant....and boy do you guys have some stories!

Really enjoyed reading your stories at about 1AM in the morning, and can't wait for some more.

My vote goes to a Night out with the Deaf Server.

Anonymous said...

Just post something. I don't need all the drama from waiting.

Liss said...

most interesting server ever
please write more

curious servant said...

How about the deaf guy? I found him interesting. Nice that the Waiter finally linked up to you. I didn't think it would happen.

I'll be back to read your new post.

Anonymous said...

Deaf guy.

Anonymous said...

Deaf Server

Anonymous said...

You need to post something before you start losing readers. I thought you were going to go on a posting frenzy while you were at your folks house??? I am still waiting.

The Server said...

hey anonymous at 2:17 pm... I just celebrated my birthday. I'm hung over and tired. Basically what I'm saying is... back off :). I write for two reasons... to get out the stories that are locked within, and to please my readers. I am not here to do a jig whenever you say, "Dance, monkey!" Thanks.

That being said, I will begin writing a new post today. Hope you're all having a good labor day weekend.

Unless I've miscounted, I'm writing about a night out with the deaf server. To brush up, re-read "The Deaf Guy."

Thanks all.

Anonymous said...

Sosa plays for the orioles now...otherwise, nice story.

The Server said...

At the time of the story, Sosa was still a Cub... Baker wasn't even the manager yet. I'm a former jock, anonymous at 4:18, so I probably wouldn't make a mistake of that magnitude. Thanks for checking in though.

Anonymous said...

The Most Interesting Server Ever (new character)

Happy Day! Birthday's are special. Sounds corny but they are my favorite all time holiday b/c it means someone [you in this case] was born and that is pretty darn groovy!

Anonymous said...

HEY Anons-
re: blogger service man, write something:

it is an effing blog!
For crying out loud-
A blogger does it on his or her own time.
You fucking want to read something write it. It is a BLOG not a NEWSPAPER. Got it???
Get a life.

Anonymous said...

I know you were sick about a month ago, but where are you? Did you die? Don't you want to write anymore? Maybe you gave your computer a virus.....
Come back! We're in the DARK here!