Friday, December 16, 2011

Quick Note

Hi All-

Hope this finds everyone well. I checked back on this blog a week or so ago, and was shocked to see how many people still check in every once in a while.

Is there something or someone that's still pointing to Server Stories? If so, I'd love to know who or what is doing this so I can thank them... and of course, I'd also like to thank you for checking in as well, dear readers!

No promises, of course, but I'm getting that writing itch again... atually, the itch never went away, but now it's unbearable, like ants crawling beneath my skin, frantically searching for a way to claw out. I have a little free time coming up the week in between Christmas and New Years. I thought I'd maybe take some time and write a story or two, just for old times' sake.

Any particular person in Server Stories you'd like to read more about?


Paul said...

anything will do. I've been serving for the better part of 5 years. some nights i just want to freakin go ballistic on my shitty guests, but i somehow always manage to keep it together.

Belinda Smith said...

I just can relate to a lot of your stories :) Nothing particular needed! said...

Glad you check back on us, looking forward to more stories!

hollywood bistro said...

Im happy hear from you again!

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